Working Group 1: Monitoring & Surveillance of AIMs and EAIMBVs

Task 1.1 – Review, optimisation and ToK of AIM monitoring and surveillance. The practicality and efficiency of current sampling protocols for collecting different mosquito stages (i.e. eggs, larvae, resting, ovipositing and host-seeking adult females, resting males), environmental DNA sampling, AIM identification based on morphology using identification keys or molecular approaches (PCR; molecular genotyping; MALDI-TOF) were systematically reviewed, based on country level case specific data. Information and knowledge exchange were facilitated and promoted at country level to maximise stakeholder involvement, to identify needs and gaps of different approaches, with the final aim of refining the interventions from inception to assessment to consolidate and harmonise recommendations for each species and level of expertise.

Task 1.2 - Integrating surveillance data analysis, spatial modelling & mapping to ensure the quality and applicability of future technical outputs at the European level. Surveillance data provide the opportunity to produce spatial model of predicted vector distributions of areas that have not been adequately sampled in the field.  The surveillance data must however be standardised and representative.  In addition the modelling methods and the covariates data  also need to be reliable and harmonized to ensure comparable outputs for different areas and from different practitioners. Finally, the outputs themselves need to be tailored for a range of potential users in the academic, public health and public arenas.  Task 1.2   assessed the major potential ‘roadblocks’ in the work chain from sampling to dissemination, and provide a set of guidelines containing recommendations for best practice sampling, modeling and output production to ensure the maximum integration and impact at the EU level of the three sets of activities.  Such a Road map was not only valuable within the context of AIM assessments, but was widely applicable to other vectors, their hosts, and the diseases they carry.


Working Group 1: Participant List

Name Category/Position Region
Karine Gevorgyan COST Near Neighbour Country Armenia
Hans-Peter Fuehrer MC Member Austria
Teufik Goletic MC Member Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ognyan Mikov MC Member Bulgaria
Ana Klobucar MC Member Croatia
Kamil Erguler MC Member Cyprus
René Bodker MC Member Denmark
Aleksandar Cvetkovikj MC Member fYR Macedonia
Nikolina Sokolovska MC Member fYR Macedonia
Cornelia Silaghi MC Member Germany
Roberto Rosa MC Member Italy
Christian Ries MC Member Luxembourg
Tatiana Sulesco MC Member Moldova
Nebojsa Sekulic MC Member Montenegro
Igor Pajovic MC Member Montenegro
Sondre Dahle MC Member Norway
João Pinto MC Member Portugal
Elena Falcuta MC Member Romania
Tamas Petrovic MC Member Serbia
Jordi Figuerola MC Member Spain
Miguel Angel Miranda MC Member Spain
Anders Lindström MC Member Sweden
Tobias Lilja MC Member Sweden
Filiz Gunay MC Member Turkey
Salih Bulent Alten MC Member Turkey
Wim Van Bortel MC Substitute Belgium
Anna-Bella Failloux MC Substitute France
Helge Kampen MC Substitute Germany
Florian Liviu Prioteasa MC Substitute Romania
Angela Ionica MC Substitute Romania
Núria Busquets MC Substitute Spain
Eleonora Flacio MC Substitute Switzerland
Pie Müller MC Substitute Switzerland
Dusan Petric MC Vice-Chair Serbia
Simona Tchakarova Other (e.g. observer, etc) Bulgaria
Toni Zitko Other (e.g. observer, etc) Croatia
Jean-Philippe David Other (e.g. observer, etc) France
Doreen Walther Other (e.g. observer, etc) Germany
Emmanouil Fotakis Other (e.g. observer, etc) Greece
Stavroula Beleri Other (e.g. observer, etc) Greece
Trisevgeni Gkotsi Other (e.g. observer, etc) Greece
Chiara Virgillito Other (e.g. observer, etc) Italy
Eleonora Perugini Other (e.g. observer, etc) Italy
Fabrizio Montarsi Other (e.g. observer, etc) Italy
Giuliano Gasperi Other (e.g. observer, etc) Italy
Simone Martini Other (e.g. observer, etc) Italy
Romeo Bellini Other (e.g. observer, etc) Italy
Ana Jeleapov MC Substitute Moldova
Andrei Cimpan Other (e.g. observer, etc) Romania
Cintia Horváth Other (e.g. observer, etc) Romania
Ignacio Ruiz Arrondo Other (e.g. observer, etc) Spain
Rafael Gutiérrez López Other (e.g. observer, etc) Spain
Laura Vavassori Other (e.g. observer, etc) Switzerland
Elton Rogozi WG Member [WG1] Albania
Marie Picard WG Member [WG1] France
Elina Patsoula WG Member [WG1] Greece
Beniamino Caputo WG Member [WG1] Italy
Mattia Manica WG Member [WG1] Italy
Adolfo Ibañez-Justicia WG Member [WG3] Netherlands


To join the working group please contact the Working Group Leaders:

Francis Schaffner  Miguel Ángel MIRANDA
WG1 Leader
Francis Schaffner
WG1 Deputy leader
 Miguel Ángel Miranda