The Challenge

The surveillance and control of Aedes albopictus and other Aedes Invasive Mosquito (AIM) species and the management of the risk of introduction and spread of Exotic Invasive Aedes Mosquito Borne Viruses (EAIMBV; e.g. dengue, DENV; yellow fever, YFV; chikungunya, CHIKV; Japanese encephalitis, JEV, and ZIKAV) in Europe require multidisciplinary research, cost-effective conventional/innovative methods, strong linkage between academics, public health (PH) professionals and policy-makers at the national and international level, as well as more a integrated private sector and a better informed and a more aware society.

These activities require an effective transboundary network of partners integrating all these stakeholder groups in Europe and beyond to identify and fill knowledge gaps, enhance research effectiveness, standardise, optimise and promote new country-taylored surveillance and control procedures, and improve dissemination.