2nd AIM-COST ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2020, Lisbon, Portugal 12th-13th February



Mosquito-borne diseases emerging or re-emerging in Europe are a serious cause of concern to human health. CA 17108 AIM-Aedes Invasive Mosquitoes (AIM) aims at establishing a transboundary network of partners and institutions across Europe and to facilitate co-ordinated multidisciplinary research. It presently, includes academics, public health officers, private companies and stakeholders from 34 COST Full Member Countries, 6 Near-Neighbouring Countries and 1 International Country.

The 2nd AIM-COST Annual Conference will be focused on Surveillance of Aedes Invasive Mosquitoes in Europe. In particular, sessions will be focused on surveillance and risk mapping, monitoring of insecticide resistance and gaps and solutions for harmonization and improvements of European policies and guidelines (see Preliminary Agenda).

AIM-COST will support the participation of Management Committee Members from COST-Full Member Countries, invited speakers and coordinators/deputies of AIM-COST Working Groups and related Tasks.

Everybody is welcome to come at her/his own expenses. We will offer you lunches and coffee breaks during the conference, provided that you are officially invited by eCOST. Please contact silvia.venturini@uniroma1.it to start the eCOST invitation procedure.

Additional travel and hotel information for the meeting is available here...

TAP Air Portugal is official carrier of the 2nd AIM-COST Annual Conference, workshop and WG meetings. If flying with TAP, participants will have a discount on their airfares. Please follow the link to access the discount code and instructions.