Industry Call for Opportunities - Seeking Viable Alternatives for the Attraction of Mosquitoes to Field Monitoring Traps

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Rentokil Initial is seeking viable alternatives to the use of dry ice and bottled carbon dioxide for the attraction of mosquitoes to field monitoring traps.

Current field monitoring traps for vector species of mosquito rely on the deployment of dry ice or the regulated emission of carbon dioxide from pressurised canisters either directly or through the burning of propane. These traps are hampered in their requirement of a power supply and/or the dispensation of relatively high environmental concentrations of carbon dioxide that leaves them open to theft and damage. This approach to attraction also has a negative environmental impact.

Alternative and viable methods to deploy low-cost attractive traps for adult vector mosquito species are sought for use in field monitoring traps to gauge the population size and development state. The catch from these traps informs both the timing of vector control interventions and their efficacy post-application.