Updated dates for your calendar - AIM-Cost Workshops & STSMs

Updates for your calendar

Please note the amended dates for the forthcoming AIM-COST workshops and STSM timetables that we provided last week. Below are the new dates, please fix them in your agendas!

  • Online Workshop on AIMSurv data and future plans: March 14th and 15th  (+ one date in September) (3 days)
  • Online Workshop: Online Workshop “Strengthening the role of citizen science and digital entomology in mosquito-borne disease surveillance in Europe”: March 22nd-23rd (2 days)
  • Online Workshop “AIM-COST Training School data analysis (including third day in AIM-Apse” (Organizer Dusan Petric): March 28th-30th (3 days)
  • Online Workshop “Communication and outreach approaches for CS community engagement in AIM monitoring, surveillance and control”: April 5th 2022 (1 day)

Also, we will prolong the deadline for STSM application to Feb 27th, as there is a technical problem in eCOST which we are currently trying to solve, but has so far impeded to send applications for STSMs to be held after September 5th.