3rd AIM-COST Annual Conference Istanbul Talks Online

The 3rd AIM-COST Annual Conference was held in-person & online from Istanbul in Septewmber 2021.  The presentations were recorded and can be viewed on demand from the AIM-COST youtube channel and are also linked below.

Session 1 - AIM-Surv Chairs: M MIRANDA, M KAVRAN
M MIRANDA "AIMSurv2020 and 2021: field activities and results"
R ERITJA "AIMSurv2020 and 2021: Citizenship contribution via Mosquito Alert"
M MANICA "AIMSurv2020: harmonising and reporting data"


Session 2 - Surveillance for control (Chairs: F GUNAY, G L'AMBERT)
C STROO, S Teekema and A Ibañez Justicia - "Aedes stowaways: a challenge for surveillance and control at points of entry"
G L'AMBERT, L Chanaud, C Jeannin, Y Perrin, R Cluset - "Surveillance of the spread of Aedes albopictus and introductions of arboviruses in France"
P ANGELINI - "Mosquito surveillance for West Nile Disease prevention: the experience of Emilia-Romagna region (Italy)"
B CAPUTO - "Quantitative monitoring of mosquito density and estimation of mosquito-borne pathogen transmission risk: the case of Aedes albopictus"
Early Career Investigator presentations on "Surveillance for precision control and for control assessment" Chairs: F SHAFFNER + L VAVASSORI
Invited talks: L Vavassori, AC Honnen, N Saarman, A Caccone, P Müller "Multiple introductions and overwintering shape the progressive invasion of Aedes albopictus beyond the Alps"
Invited talks: D Da Re, M Marcantonio, SO Vanwambeke "dynamAedes: a unified modelling framework for invasive Aedes mosquitoes"
Invited talks: C Barcelò, R Gutiérrez-Lopez, S Jansen, K Kliemke, J Schmidt-Chanasit, MA Miranda, R Luhken "Pathogen detection and host-feeding preferences of mosquitoes surveilled in urban, peri-urban and rural environments of Mallorca, Spain"
Invited talks: A Ibanez-Justicia, S Teekema A Stroo "Precision real-time monitoring of control activities against Aedes albopictus in urban areas using GIS apps"
Invited talks: V Pichler, V Valadas, C Horvath, M Micocci, AIM-COST network members, ARBOMONITOR Project contributors, F Schaffner, B Caputo, J Pinto, A della Torre "Novel PCR-based genotyping approach allows to map the spread of pyrethroid resistance in Aedes albopictus across Europe"
Invited talks: D Ravasi, D Parrondo Monton, M Tanadini, E Flacio "Evaluating the integrated management of Aedes albopictus in southern Switzerland"
Turbo talks: C HORVATH, E FĂLCUȚĂ, LF PRIOTEASA , CD CAZAN, F SCHAFFNER , AD MIHALCA "The emergence of the Asian bush mosquito, Aedes japonicus japonicus, and an update on the established populations of Aedes albopictus in Romania"
Turbo talks: K KALAN, J ŠUŠNJAR, V IVOVIĆ "Aedes invasive mosquitoes’ surveillance on selected locations in Slovenia"
Turbo talks: V Čabanová, K Boršová, M Svitok, J Oboňa, I Svitková, E Barbušinová, T Derka, M Sláviková, B Klempa "The first record of the alien mosquito Aedes japonicus japonicus in Slovakia"
Early Career Investigator presentations on "Novel tool for surveillance and control" Chairs: A MICHAELAKIS + E D VELO" Chairs: F SHAFFNER + L VAVASSORI
Invited talks: G Balatsos "The integrated management of the Asian tiger mosquito through citizen training “Door to Door” and the Sterile Insect Technique
Invited talks: G Fabbri, R Moretti, E Lampazzi, P Serin, M BonannI, C Virgillito, M Manica, G Lombardi, C Damiani, A della Torre, M Calvitti, B Caputo "Wolbachia-based suppression of Aedes albopictus: results of a biennal field experiment in Rome."
Invited talks: A Belavilas-Trovas, M-E Gregoriou, O Soukia, K Mathiopoulos "Non-coding RNAs as a novel tool for species-specific management of Aedes albopictus"
Invited talks: C Lutrat, M Burckbuchler, R Proveti Olmo, T Baldet, J Bouyer, E Marois "High-throughput sorting of transgenic or non-transgenic male larvae for genetic control of Aedes mosquitoes"
Invited talks: A Vanslembrouck, F REUß, R MÜLLER "Diving beetles (Dytiscidae) as biological control agent for mosquito larvae"
Invited talks: H Lepek "Automated AI-based mosquito surveillance and pooling"
Turbo talks: E Velo, P Kadriaj, M Carrieri, M Genicco, A Ahmeti, S Bino, R Bellini, A Fico "Impact of Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis LV ground applications on urban mosquito population in Tirana, Albania"
Turbo talks: P Visentin A Michelutti, F Gradoni, A Drago, M Pombi, F Montarsi "Comparative evaluation of the stickytrap and the sticky-resting-box-trap for sampling Aedes invasive mosquitoes"
Turbo talks: MI Gonzalez-Perez, B Faulhaber, M Williams, P Villalonga, N Pujol, M Verdún, J Brosa, C Aranda, N Busquets, J Encarnação, S Talavera "Use of a novel optoelectronic sensor prototype to analyse the effect of size, age and temperature in Aedes and Culex genus"  
Turbo Talk: S Cebrián-Camisón, J Martínez-de la Puente, J Figuerola "Host feeding patterns of invasive Aedesmosquitoes in Europe"


Session 3 - Complementary/unconventional AIM control approaches Chairs: A DELLA TORRE, A MICHAELAKIS
F SCHAFFNER, R BUENO MARI, "Integrated management of Aedes invasive mosquitoes: combining efficacy and sustainability"
R BELLINI "Application of SIT on Aedes albopictus: a story lasting 20 years"
N BECKER, A TOKATLIAN "Implementation of new Techniques in the integrated Management programme against Aedes albopictus including the SIT-technique in South-West Germany"
ARTUR JÖST – “Control of the Asian tiger mosquito in Southwest Germany - An insight into the new concept of KABS e.V.”
M CALVITTI "Exploiting Wolbachia to enhance genetic control strategies against Aedes albopictus"
C DAMIANI - "Wolbachia sterilizing possible market application"
S DOBSON - “Implementing pesticidal use of Wolbachia: An overview of recent USA events”
I UNLU - "Targeting a hidden enemy: Pyriproxyfen Autodissemination strategy for the control of the container mosquito Aedes albopictus in cryptic habitats"


Session 4 - Management and regulation in AIM control Chairs: N PAPADOPOULOS, C SOUSA
L HRIBAR - "Quality control in an Aedes aegypti control program in Monroe County, Florida, USA"
N PAPADOPOULOS - "Quality management in mosquito control programmes in Europe"
D NIKOLOPOULOU - "Safe use of biocides for human health in the context of Biocidal Products Regulation: approaches and challenges"
A KOLIMENAKIS - “Preliminary results for the socio-economic perspectives of mosquito control activities in Europe”