Nikos Papadopoulos

Nikos T. PapadopoulosNikos Papadopoulos

Professor of Applied Entomology, Laboratory of Entomology and Agricultural Zoology at the University of Thessaly

Fytokou St.

Volos 38446



Role and main activities in AIMCOST

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Short Bio:

Nikos T. Papadopoulos obtained his PhD in 1999 (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), did postdoctoral work (2001-2003) at the University of California Davis, and joined the University of Thessaly in 2004. Papadopoulos’ lab is active in the field of life history evolution, insect ecology, behavior and management. A substantial part of his recent research regards applied demography, aging, including healthy aging and biomarkers of aging. Another line of research regards the epedimiology of vector borne diseases. Nikos Papadopoulos has published more than 100 papers in high-impact international peer-reviewed scientific journals (e.g. Aging Cell, PLoS ONE, Proceedings of the Royal Society London, Oecologia, Mechanisms of Aging and Development, Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, Journal of Insect Physiology etc.) and he has communicated more than 150 papers in national and international workshop and conferences. He has been co-ordinating and/or participating in more than 20 National, and International research projects funded among others by the National Institute on Aging (USA), and the FAO/IAEA. He served as the Chair of the scientific group TEAM (Tephritid workers of Europe, Africa and the Middle east) from 2004 to 2012. He was/is the supervisor of 7 Ph.D. theses and 14 MSc theses.  He is member of the Editorial board of “Entomologia Hellenica”, and associate editor of the journal “PLOS1”, “Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution”, Guest Editor (Journal of Applied Entomology and Psyche), and acts as a regular reviewer for more than 40 international peer-reviewed journals. He has been a reviewer of National and International research proposals. He acts as an expert consultant in international organizations such as Joint Division of FAO/IAEA (Food and Agriculture Organization and International Atomic Energy Agency) and NICCOD. He is the director of the graduate program in the Department of Agriculture, Crop Production and Rural Environment at University of Thessaly since 2013.


Five recent and relevant publications

Papadopoulos NT, Carey JR, Ioannou CS, Ji H, Müller H-G, Wang J-L, Luckhart S and Lewis EE (2016) Seasonality of Post-capture Longevity in a Medically-Important Mosquito (Culex pipiens). Front. Ecol. Evol. 4:63. doi: 10.3389/fevo.2016.00063


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