João Pinto

João PintoJoão Pinto


Global Health and Tropical Medicine

Instituto de Higiene e Medicina Tropical

Universidade Nova de Lisboa


Role and main activities in AIMCOST

Member of the Action Management Structure as coordinator of the Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSM).

Short Bio:

João Pinto is Assistant Professor at the Medical Parasitology Unit of the Instituto de Higiene e Medicina Tropical (IHMT) and leader of the Vector-Borne Diseases and Pathogens Group at Global Health and Tropical Medicine, the research Centre of IHMT. He coordinates the PhD Program on Biomedical Sciences of IHMT. He holds a PhD in Genetics (University of Lisbon, 2003) and a degree in Biology (University of Lisbon, 1994). In 2017, he obtained academic aggregation in Biomedical Sciences (Parasitology) by University NOVA de Lisboa. His research interests focus on ecological genetics, evolutionary biology and mechanisms of insecticide resistance of insect vectors. He has supervised four PhD students, 16 MSc students and published 81 peer-reviewed articles in indexed journals (ResearcherID: C-2208-2012).

Five recent and relevant publications


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Weetman D., Kamgang B., Badolo A., Moyes C.L., Shearer F., Coulibaly M., Pinto J., Lambrechts L. & McCall P.J. (2018). Aedes mosquitoes and Aedes-borne arboviruses in Africa: current and future threats. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 15: 220.


Seixas G., Grigoraki L., Weetman D., Vicente J.L., Silva A.C., Pinto J., Vontas J. & Sousa C.A. (2017). Insecticide resistance is mediated by multiple mechanisms in recently introduced Aedes aegypti from Madeira Island (Portugal). PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 11: e0005799. 5y-IF: 4,720; C: 3.


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