Synergies between EMCA and AIM-COST action

Dr. Rubén Bueno presenting at AIM-COST annual meeting in Athens

A guest blog article written by Dr. Rubén Bueno, President of the European Mosquito Control Association (EMCA).

The European Mosquito Control Association (EMCA) gathers the most relevant professionals involved in mosquito control from all over Europe and beyond. One of the most important goals of EMCA is to exchange knowledge between European countries and promote the European cooperation and participation in mosquito control projects in Europe and worldwide.

In this context, the starting of a new project in Europe based on similar aims is an excellent news for EMCA. The main objective of Aedes Invasive Mosquitoes (AIM) Cost Action is to establish a transboundary network of partners and institutions across Europe to cost effectively address the management of the risk of introduction and spread of Exotic Invasive Aedes Mosquito Borne Viruses.

From EMCA we strongly believe that we should play a key role as a priority partner or main collaborator of the AIM Cost Action for the next years, especially for the achievement of the milestones proposed in the Working Group 2 of the action related to "Conventional and Innovative Control Tools". At this point it is important to remark that the network of EMCA members have large experience in the design and implementation of Aedes management programs in many European countries through the employment of traditional control tools (biocides, mass trapping and citizen awareness among others). Additionally, most of our members are also currently the responsible of the efficacy and cost-benefit analyses of new and promising Aedes control tools (Sterile Insect Technique (SIT), suppression strategies using Wolbachia bacteria, Genetically Modified Mosquitoes (GMM), auto-dissemination of biocides, Attractive-toxic sugar baits (ATSBs), among others, in some parts of Europe where IAM have become a major risk for public health.

Strong and fruitful collaboration between EMCA and AIM Cost Action is desired for the achievement of common goals in benefit of all European citizens.

Dr. Rubén Bueno

President of the European Mosquito Control Association (EMCA)