Data Analysis Workshop: Harmonising and reporting AIMSurv2020 field data

Location: Online  

Start: 14th December 2020
End: 26th April 2021

Organisers/Teachers: Mattia Manica (Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Italy), Giovanni Marini (Fondazione
Edmund Mach, Italy), Roberto Rosà (University of Trento, Italy) - View Teacher profiles here.


AIMSurv2020 is an outreach activity organised by AIM‐COST Action CA17108 which combines field surveillance with citizen science data. The field surveillance protocol has been shared among participants and involved 46 teams in 27 different countries. It aimed at harmonising and optimising Aedes invasive mosquito (AIM) field surveillance throughout Europe.

General objective of the workshop:

The workshop aims to complete the AIMSurv2020 initiative by producing a global harmonised dataset as well as a standardised report summarising survey results both at local and European level. It will also serve as an introduction to basic data curating, analysing and reporting, for those teams who are facing AIM invasion or are dealing with established populations and want to set up and organise a full surveillance system.  

The workshop is not intended for highly skilled data analysis participants. The main aim is to provide support and basic training to field teams for AIMSurv data compilation and analysis.   

Requirements and participants profile:

Teams should have participated to the AIMSurv2020 initiative and should be willing to share their field data. Participating teams are those sharing one dataset, therefore, the workshop is open to one participant per AIMSurv2020 dataset. The participant should be proposed by the leader of each team/dataset by e‐ mail to Mattia Manica (Miguel Miranda in Cc), with deadline November 30th, 2020. Teams should have followed the AIMSurv2020 protocol for the entomological data collection.   The workshop does not request any specific knowledge or training although familiarity with the statistical software R and handling data in spreadsheets will be an advantage. Ideally participants are the members of each team in charge of storing, analysing and reporting monitoring data or willing to learn. However, it is mandatory for participation willingness to share AIMSurv data in digital format and availability of a personal computer equipped with the software RStudio (Instruction on how to install a free version of RStudio will be provided).


The course will be held online. The course will be organised in 4 regular sessions and one optional. Each session will consist in a series of videos and a related question & answer (Q&A) webinar. The Q&A webinars will be planned in advance, after the release of the related lecture. Each participant will fill a short questionnaire indicating the most relevant issues and questions faced. These topics will then be addressed during the Q&A webinar. During each session, video lessons, slides and R code will be made available to participants. The code will be run in RStudio and explained in detail during the video, thus allowing participants to perform analysis and data quality checks on their data. Among sessions (about 2 weeks), participants will be asked to work on their data using the given material and to produce results that will be shared within the AIM‐COST initiative.  


Date for video and material released: 14th December 2020
Topic: Short introduction explaining aims and what is needed to participate (install programme, data
template, publication policy)
Date for Q&A webinar:  21st December

Date for video and material released: 18th January 2021
Topic: Instruction on how to format the database including data quality check
Date for Q&A webinar: 1st February 2021

Date for video and material released: 15th February 2021
Topic: Computation of population dynamics and epidemiological indexes from field data
Date for Q&A webinar: 1st March 2021

Date for video and material released: 15th March 2021
Topic: Preparation of a standardised report  
Date for Q&A webinar: 29th March 2021

SESSION 5 (Optional)
Date for video and material released: 12th April 2021
Topic: Brief introduction to further statistical analysis
Date for Q&A webinar: 26th April 2021