These are the list of papers published under the frame of the AIM-COST Action CA17108.For authors it is essential that you add in the acknowledgements of your manuscripts the following statement: "The work of authors_name(s) was done under the frame of AIM-COST Action CA17108" to any papers written in collaboration with AIM partners.


    • Akıner, M.M., Ozturk, M., Başer, A.B., Gunay, F., Hacıoğlu, S., Brinkmann, A., Emanet, N., Alten, B., Ozkul, A.,  Nitsche, A.,  Linton, Y., Ergunay, K.(2019).Arboviral screening of invasive Aedes species in northeastern Turkey: West Nile virus circulation and detection of insect-only viruses. PLoS Negl Trop Dis 13(5): e0007334.


    • Ibañez‐Justicia, A., Poortvliet, P. M., & Koenraadt, C. J. M. (2018). Evaluating perceptions of risk in mosquito experts and identifying undocumented pathways for the introduction of invasive mosquito species into Europe. Medical and veterinary entomology.


    • Ibáñez-Justicia A., van de Vossenberg B., van den Biggelaar R., Voogd J., Metz E., Jacobs F., Dik M., Stroo A. (2019) Detection of Aedes flavopictus (Yamada, 1921), Netherlands, June 2019. Euro Surveill. 2019;24(30):pii=1900433.



    The following are published papers submitted by AIM-COST partners as interesting papers on Aedes invasive Mosquitoes.  These papers are interesting background reading and are not necessarily outputs of the AIM-COST project.

    • Eritja R., Ruiz-Arrondo I., Delacour-Estrella S., Schaffner F., Álvarez-Chachero J., Bengoa M., Puig M.-A., Melero-Alcíbar R., Oltra A., Bartumeus F. & Mosquito Alert. First detection of Aedes japonicus in Spain: an unexpected finding triggered by citizen science. Parasites & Vectors, 2019, 19: 12-53.


    • Manica M, Guzzetta G, Filipponi F, Solimini A, Caputo B, della Torre A, et al. (2019) Assessing the risk of autochthonous yellow fever transmission in Lazio,central Italy. PLoS Negl Trop Dis 13(1):e0006970.


    • Marini  F, Caputo B, Pombi M, Travaglio M, Montarsi F, Drago A, Rosà R, Manica M. & della Torre A. (2018): Estimating spatio-temporal dynamics of Aedes albopictus dispersal to guide control interventions in case of exotic arboviruses in temperate regions. Scientific Reports volume 9, Article number: 10281 (2019)


    • Pichler V, Malandruccolo C, Serini P, Bellini R, Severini F, Toma L, Di Luca M, Montarsi F, Ballardini M, Manica M, Petrarca V, Vontas J, Kasai S, Della Torre A, Caputo B. (2019) Phenotypic and genotypic pyrethroid resistance of Aedes albopictus, with focus on the 2017 chikungunya outbreak in Italy.  Pest Manag Sci. 2019 Feb 6. PMID: 30729706 DOI: 10.1002/ps.5369


    • Pichler V, Kotsakiozi P, Caputo B, Serini P, CacconeA, della Torre A (2019) Complex interplay of evolutionary forces shapingpopulation genomic structure of invasive Aedes albopictusin southern Europe.PLoS Negl Trop Dis 13(8): e0007554.


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    • Schenkel C., Kamber T., Schaffner F., Mathis A. & Silaghi C. – Loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) for the identification of invasive Aedes mosquito species. Medical and Veterinary Entomology. 2019. doi: 10.1111/mve.12366